Here we will be looking at traditional Indonesian furniture, which is called ‘Balinese’. Starting off, we will talk about the assembling and raw material involved production process. Primarily, the wood used for this furniture. This will give an overview yet brief understanding of the durability as well as the style which the product provides.

The furniture comes from the South East Asian region which is known for their usage of tropical woods such as Bamboo, Cane and in this specific case, Teak. The furniture is made out of solid timber which is primarily found in the previously mentioned Asian region. Indonesia falls into this geographic regions, hence the dominant usage of the wood in the furniture which they use.

However, Balinese furniture is not strictly limited to only Teak. Traditionally, boat wood is also a commonly recurring material which is used in the production process to create Balinese style design. Moreover, weaving gives the furniture a certain durability and style, which helps it withstand pretty much anything, especially the warm and wet climate of South East Asia.

Therefore, the furniture is functional and simplistic yet elegant as well as being robust yet chic. It would make a great addition to your home, providing the utmost comfort and style which we are known for. Other than that, the furniture will leave you imagining a tropical retreat of the South East whilst you sit in the comfort of your own home! 

Talking about the Balinese Furniture, we really cannot get over how artistic and elegant it can be at home. It also evokes a great deal of diversity within your home and to your interior design. Tastefully placed, the furniture can tie a room together leaving you with a very elegant yet rustic interior, all the while giving you that comfortable and home-ish vibe which we all desire within our house.

We cannot stress enough about the production of the wicker furniture as it is essential to the design as well as durability. We see how the teak and bamboo is used in the most sustainable yet stylish way, in order to provide a good blend of both style and robustness. The furniture is built to last, needless to say, the high -quality timber ensures that the furniture will remain with you for a while. In fact, moisture levels within the product are monitored, moisture in the wood keeps the woof strong. This prevents it from cracking and splintering over the years and ensures that it remains robust in the dry Australian heat we all know a tad bit too well. 

The product ranges show samples of daybeds which are made in the traditional Indonesian furniture design. The beds can be seen to be both visibly classy as well as evidently comfortable in their design. The beds come with a mattress which makes for a great buy, which you can take home and start using right away. Moreover, the range shows figurines, statues, and plaques made out of stone, which may add a little diversity to your home and decor range. Moreover, towards the end of the catalogue, you will come across sink basins as well, providing a rustic yet fantastically elegant feel. It would be great to add to your bathrooms for an extra hint of class, yet not going overboard with the design.

Head on over to the catalogue now, pick some products out for yourself from furniture packages Perth. Add a little bit of diversity yet class to your home and experience the handiwork of the South East of the world.

Other than that, just imagine having authentic Indonesian furniture in your home, with the same style and material, which they actually use in their native part of the world. Consider adding some Indonesian designs to your home. Adding diversity to your design is always a welcome change as it breaks the monotony of having simply one style repeating itself throughout the house. Moreover, this is as good as it gets as the furniture is authentically made using the same woods and wicker, which they use in South East Asia.  

If you buy it, you certainly will not regret it!