A website can be referred to as a group of web pages that are related to each other and have a common name that is called domain name. A website can be published on at least one web server. The website instances comprise: google.com, shaadi.com and cricket.com. The World Wide Web makes the website approachable by the general public throughout the world or a website may be reached through a private network of local nature, local area network. This is carried out through a reference to the URL, uniform resource locator which serves as the identifier for the website.

A website can be used in multiple ways since it comes in a variety of kind such as governmental, organisational, and personal and others. A topic is selected for a website inclusive of sports, news, entertainment or marriage. The collection of websites that can be accessed publicly are known as World Wide Web whereas local websites such as for the doctors of a hospital form a portion of intranet. There are some websites that require registration or subscription on the part of the user. This process can be accessed on a wide spectrum of devices: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart TV and Smart Phone. 

A typical website is rooted in documents. It is prepared by using simple text that has instructions in connection with hypertext markup language. These documents which form the foundation for a website may absorb some matter from other websites as well. The hypertext transfer protocol, HTTP, accesses and transports the web pages of a website. For the purpose of security and for the maintenance of a website a mechanism called encryption can be incorporated.

A web browser makes it possible for the website to be displayed at the electronic terminal. The communication of structure of the site to the reader, monitoring and movement of the particular website is performed through a technique that is spoken of a hyperlinking. In today’s hi tech world a website connects a supplier from one corner of the world to the other one in just about a second. 

A website may be developed for the World Wide Web or local area network .The development can take place over a wide range from a motionless simple textual page to the complicated web applications: Facebook, Twitter and online businesses. Web building process is based on some essential tasks: Application of science towards the construction of website, designing, development of the web content, cooperation and close relationship with the client, scripting in relation to the client or server, server for the web, structural arrangement of the parts of the security of network and finally the building up of electronic media for the large scale exchange of goods and services. When a user looks for an Australian constructor of a website on the internet he can come across the top web developers throughout the great continent of Australia: Zealous System, Appster, Cygnotech Infotech, Elsena Technologies Pvt Ltd, Zfort Group, butterfly and Spring Web Solutions. 

Website building cost normally may range from 75 dollars to 5000 dollars, hosting of the website and e mails can cost at least 35 dollars and the costs for the marketing can generally further add about 50 to 1000 dollars commonly to the total cost. A basic website is not going to cost a lot of money. But simultaneously it would not be able to be very rewarding as well. First of all the user will find it difficult to locate and once it is found it would be highly unimpressive since it would not have been designed with the target market in view. Whereas well designed website when associated with SEO as its promotional feature along with social media network as its marketing tool, does not only attract traffic but motivates it to engage in business with the website too.

The website builder’s employment titles comprise:  Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Freelance Digital Designer, Web marketing Coordinator, Visual designer and Digital marketing Coordinator in addition to others.. The average salary package could range between 30,000 Dollars to 80,000 Dollars in general. Thus, an Australian web weaver can rest assured that he can not only earn a handsome living for himself but can comfortably support a family as well.