Starting your own business can bring about feelings of great fun but at the same times thoughts of nerves and bewilderment. If you don’t have your head screwed on right, and don’t have your proverbial ducks in a row, the process can become more daunting than exciting. Yes, you are in this because you want to be involved in something that you are passionate about but you also have to make sure that you turn a profit at the end of the day, the month and the year – be it calendar or financial year. For this to happen, your systems are going to have to be on point and ticking over in a proper fashion all the time. If they don’t, you could soon start ‘making’ a loss, which tends to really take away from the fun part of it all. You don’t want your passion to be sapping money from you bank balance and pocket. Rather, you want it to be adding to your eventual riches or modest income. 

What of your joinery and signage? 

You are most definitely going to need to promote and advertise your bar, so coming up with a company like What’s On Projects to do your fitting and signage is pretty much a must. They will be able to advise on ideal positioning and how this sort of signage needs to stand up in what sort of weather. If it is going to be interior signage, advertising, say, your latest in-house specials, well it will need to withstand less difficult conditions than those placed outside. If you have something on the street corner, for instance, pointing passers-by in the right direction to your establishment, it will need to be hardy and be on cue with your brand guide. If the rest of your bar, for example, has a colour scheme of yellow and black, it wouldn’t be right to have a sign in complete contrast to that – like in green and purple. That would just be untoward and make it look like you don’t know what you are doing, and could effectively chase customers away. 

It’s professionalism that you should insist on throughout 

Nothing leaves a bad taste in the mouth like dealing with a service that just didn’t weigh up to what they had pledged at the start. It’s important that you establish a solid working relationship from the outset, with all parties on the same page in a frequent and consistent manner. This way, you will be able to hold the service provider to account and when they establish the measures needed for one of the best bar fitouts Brisbane has to offer, you can keep an eye on the detail involved. 

If there is any kind of demolition involved… 

If, for whatever reason, walls need to be broken down or a roof or two removed, your chosen solution provider will also be in charge of getting the right sort of permits for this process. It’s not really something you can undertake yourself, because you won’t have the qualifications needed to show the inspectors, etc. So, yes, leave it to the professionals – who probably have plenty of existing relationships with this sort of expertise already.