Do you ever find yourself thinking about buying a present for your granny but not knowing what to get for her? As people get older their needs tend to get less as for the most part, they tend to have accumulated all the items that they want over the course of their life. So gifts for older people tend to be experiences or consumables, and there is nothing wrong with that. Grandparents will also tend to claim that they don’t really want anything anyway – but you know that it is nice to spoil them regardless. So here are a few ideas that they will appreciate and probably won’t see coming. 

Grand gestures 
What about doing something for her house? If she has been living in the same place for a long time you might find that it is gradually becoming a bit too big for her. Getting around can be tricky and she may well be living her life in just a part of the house. Imagine if you could help her bypass some of the tricky obstacles that she encounters on a daily basis – like stairs. If budget and space allow how about installing a lift in her house? A quick online search using something like residential elevators Sydney would probably be enough to show you what is available in your area and suddenly Gran will be able to make it to the top story without having to worry about a nasty fall. 

When people retire they often spend a lot of time in the garden, turning it into something really special. But as they get older and become a bit more-frail and sickly their ability to maintain the garden disappears and their special place stops to be what it was. Why not buy her a garden maintenance day where a team of horticulturalists and gardeners come in to freshen things up. Prune the roses, trim the edges, put in some new plants – that kind of thing. 

One thing that old people always appreciate is your time. The older they get the more aware they become of little time they have left and they want to make the most of what they have. And to them that means spending it with the people they love and care for most dearly – their family. It might be difficult to understand as a busy younger person, but see it from their perspective and you will suddenly come to realise that the gift of your time is more special than almost anything that you can wrap. 

Adventure time 
Find out what they still haven’t ticked off from their bucket list and help them to make it happen. It might be something grand like parachuting or seeing the Northern Lights, or it might be something a little simpler. Whatever it is, ask and listen and help them find a way to turn their dream into a reality. Granny is not going to be around forever, none of us are, so make the most the time she has left and enjoy it with her.