What makes or constitutes a luxury home for you? Well, to be very frank, one can never come up with a perfect answer for this one. For every other person, the epitome of luxurious home varies, as per their taste, sense of living and style. While some want royalty, extravagance and opulence, others want high-tech and high-end product to define their meaning of a luxurious house.  However, if you just consider the word luxury and pair it up with a home, you will picture saunas, in-house gyms, game rooms, home cinemas, pools, tennis yards and breath-taking gardens. Right? Yes, while that is the case with most of the people, there are some standard things that can be compiled together to describe what luxury home buyers want and look for in a house, the most. So, if you are on a house hunt and are looking for multiple things to adorn your lavish house with, we have gathered those for you. But, on the other hand, if you can’t afford to have these things that wealthiest of the home-shoppers include in their home, we have an advice for you. Go through the mentioned, and replicate them as per your budget and scale. Believe us when we say, any and every idea can be accommodated as per your budget, you just need to have some will to do it.  

Do you know what tops the list of almost every luxury home survey ever done? The character of the home and open floor plans. What it means is that you can never call a home luxurious until and unless it does not have a grand entryway followed by at least two-storey staircase and an expansive open-floor plan that allows air to easily flow through. To emphasise it enough, an open-floor plan is the top most criteria while choosing the architecture of the home around the world. With the increasing use of technology and the innovations hitting the market every day, today’s homeowners want the tech-trends to be followed in their homes too. Almost all the luxury homeowners want their iPhones to unlock the doors, control lights and temperature, and activate & deactivate the alarm system. The wireless home automation devices are the IT thing these days.  

If you are one of those who are spoiled with luxury, then indoor full-stocked kitchens are definitely not your taste. Wealthy buyers crave for cosy outdoor cooking areas and open kitchens. Understanding the importance, the top-notch places like the First Class Building Group have started to inculcate this in their strategy for years to come. The outdoor kitchen paired with a patio seating area, large pools, changing cabanas and hot tubs now is a part of every home following the upper crust lifestyle. If you want all these amenities, you would want them to be on a little piece of paradise. Right? No kidding! Location is the crown jewel of every home ownership. Rich or poor, everyone desires to have a home at the best piece of property which is tree-lined, private and keeps the privacy busters at bay. The clandestine location is the priority for almost all the homeowners these days, no matter luxury or not. 

Another important thing that becomes a part of affluent people’s home is a bathroom that has it all. They want spa-like bathrooms to befit their lifestyle, including walk-in showers, shower jets, soaker tubs and a lot more. Obviously, bathrooms are the place where you get some me time, you would want them to uphold your standard. Right? Definitely! Other than this, gym is another thing that is the must-have when it comes to such homes. The private fitness facility is much better than sweating out in a public gym. When you can have all the stuff at home then why not have your own gym? Thus, it also constitutes an important part of the relaxation routine of the wealthy homeowners.  

Lastly, every one of us want to have a king-size bedroom that matches the king and queen style we all desire. It is imperative that the bedroom has a large open space along with the sitting area, fitted with proper technology so it becomes a little private abode. Paired with a walk-in closet and dressing room, it becomes the home of your dreams. How we wish to shift in one, just about now!