Kitchen upgrades are notoriously expensive. Sure, your kitchen would look a whole lot better with granite countertops or an actual kitchen island, but who can afford these? Don’t cook in an unattractive kitchen thinking you can’t afford any improvements. That’s not really true. There are several budget-friendly ways that can help you upgrade your kitchen for the better. Here are the tips: 

Change the Door Knobs 

Imagine how good vintage cabinet handles would make your existing kitchen look. Most Aussies think that antique items are expensive, but that really depends on the item. Smaller antiques like door handles that aren’t awfully old can be purchased for rather decent prices online. In fact, these can be just as expensive as buying a newer model. But a vintage item would add a classy look to your kitchen in a way that a new item simply cannot.  

Repaint the Cabinets  

This is a quick and dirty trick, albeit budget-friendly, that would near instantly make your kitchen look a lot better than it is.  Repainting doesn’t cost much anyway, and it would cost a lot less than buying new cabinets. You can complement the repainted versions with antique cabinet handles Perth to complete an elegant look. Choose a bold colour that accentuates the muted tones of the wall paint. If you are unsure about which colour to go with, choose blinding white. White is plain colour that actually indicates the utmost luxury. What’s the most commonly used colour in those 5-figure households? Exactly.  

Add More Lights  

One of the most common reasons kitchens look unsightly is the lighting. Most homeowners choose to install or live with a single overhead light for the kitchen. But we work on the counters. When we are between the kitchen counter and the overhead light, our bodies would cast shadows on the counter, leading to dingy kitchens. Therefore, light it up with extra features. Install an LED bulb line under the cabinets for better lighting as well as for improved looks. You can install small and cheap light fixtures at strategic locations that not only complement the overall decor, but also serve a practical purpose as well.  

Put Up Artwork 

Why leave the walls bare? Take it up a notch by installing artwork in the kitchen. Do so in a high place that you don’t need to use for storage. You can choose just about anything you like for the art. Some homeowners prefer to choose a painting that goes with the existing colour scheme. You can do that, or pick a really meaningful painting.  

Get a Rug 

Put down a rug on the kitchen floor to quickly and quite wonderfully upgrade the kitchen flooring. Rugs are actually great for kitchens because these throws can absorb water and muffle footsteps. You can re-use an existing rug or buy a new one. Even a cheap one with a nice pattern would look great.  

Buy a Better Dish Rack 

Get rid of that plastic dish rack that has become an eyesore in the kitchen. Send it for recycling and buy a new one. There are fancily designed dish racks that don’t cost a lot of money. Given how well the dish rack can keep the kitchen organized, spending some money on a great-looking one wouldn’t be a waste.  

Forget spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on kitchen refurbishments. Try one or two of the above suggestions for less than fifty bucks and notice the remarkable improvements.