A screen door refers to such a door that is hinged and covers a door that is on the outside or provides screening to a door that is of sliding nature and functions with glass doors. This door is made up of a mesh that prevents entrance of birds, insects, debris in the air like seeds and leaves, domesticated animals and children of small age from leaving the interior of the premises. 

Taking the instance of aluminium sliding screen doors, they are constructed in general through two procedures: rollformed or extruded. In both these methods the resulting shapes formed from rollformed or extruded means are connected into the frame of the door by the use of corners of metals or through the screws. By means of the rollformed methodolgy thin aluminium sheets are converted into a door frame that is rectangular and which is composed of a screen channel to support the window screen material. 

The sliding screen doors of aluminium are greatly cheap since they are based on aluminium that is shaped into a rectangular form. Through the application of a friction fit the alloy of aluminium or steel is fixed into the miltered corners of the roll formed screen doors. The extrusion process involves formation of an extruded shape by working on an aluminium billet by using a die that gets designed in the required configuration for a particular component of a building such as an aluminium screen door. Standard shapes of doors as well as customised ones are manufactured are marketed worldwide in general and in Australia in particular. The extrusions of aluminium are indeed versatile as they find applications in multiple points, this applies specifically in regard to business oriented fenestration and the products related to building. Security doors, aluminium screen doors, the business organisations selling these two types of door and their manufacturers form the backbone of the Australian door industry. 

A door security may be referred to all those measures which are employed to bolster the doors against the breaching of the door, picking of lock and ram raiding. These precautions also prevent burglary, and intrusions by foreigners into homes and offices. Thus the governmental buildings, commercial premises and the residential apartments, all make use of security doors.

A typical residence would draw upon four kinds of door for security reasons:

1. Door made of solid wood.
2. Panel doors possessing the main features of being hollow and having a solid core.
3. Doors of metal skin and possessing such doors which have wooden edges. And
4. Wrapped doors having the edge of metal.

Australian’s dominating manufacturers of security doors and screens, Kestrel, operates both in the wholesale as well as the retail market. Kestrel’s major market edge lies at its ability to offer security doors prepared according to the requirements of the commercial, residential or the governmental consumer. The doors  used for protection against crimes , doors typically employed as covers for the main doors and the repair work needed for such doors make up a trio that is easily accessible for an average user of these products within Australian major cities including Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney within a promising price range. 

At Kestrel the prominent feature is that they make use of the compliant materials that are considered standard to provide the best possible protection level that becomes part of its surroundings and perform the role of a complimentary nature in blending with the style of the premises involved. The typical price of Melbourne security doors by Kestrel is at 650 dollars for a standard perforated aluminium security door. This price is inclusive of installation and general sales tax. 

Kestrel is the organisation that offers security online with the continent of Australia. This company specialises in provision of stainless steel security doors for home safety and office security. The specifications comprise 316 marine grade stainless steel that is transformed into the tailor made security doors and shipped direct to the home or business organisation. The protection doors, the aluminium made mesh envelopes for the external doors and the beneficial effects these have upon the society of Australia in particular and on the world community on a wide scale and the resulting sense of security at offices and residences have led to the adequate peace of mind of workers and housewives.