You do not want to suggest that the things you sleep on should be used for alternative purposes other than what they are intended for, but a lot of us out there can probably remember using mattresses to slide on down the stairs or even build some sort of fort with during our younger days. You can also largely recall jumping up and down on those mattresses as if they were some sort of play thing that had endless longevity to give to you and your friends. Perhaps, at some stage or another, they gave up and bust a seam or popped a spring. Well, thankfully, times have moved on in the mattress world and manufacturers now build mattresses that are longer lasting and are made of different materials.

Moving along

Into your teenage and young adult years, you have probably thought about buying a new one – and perhaps even opted for a queen mattress. Not quite the same size as a king but certainly bigger than a single or double, it will certainly offer you a lot more room than you might have expected. From lazy afternoons lounging on it while reading a book to more energetic activity later in the day, that mattress needs to stand you the test of time and have some sort of warranty that it won’t break anytime too soon.


When buying the mattress, ensure that the salesperson or people are willing to offer you the slip of paper that holds some person or company accountable to the longevity and stamina of the item. If it is for six months or a year or even a decade, there needs to be some sort of timeline that will give you the assurance that they are willing to help you if anything goes wrong, not that it really should, but you just never know.


Not all mattresses are made the same and some of them require aquarium accessories online you to turn them every now and then or not at all. Make sure that you know which type you have on your hands and act accordingly when the time is needed. Give it a flip or turn it around and around so that there is balance of pressure through the years, but if this is not required and instead the instruction is to leave it as is, then make sure you listen to the advice. This, after all, is for your own good – and to afford you value for money. The longer it lasts, the longer your payment will last and offer you future value and benefit for your hard-earned cash.

Dress it up

Treat yourself every now and then to a new duvet or slip cover or blanket, so that you feel nice about your sleeping arrangement on your new mattress and under your new bedding, especially as and when winter arrives – and the need for greater warmth and comfort from the cold is that much more evident for you.