Sneaked out of the house, late at night? Now, you have locked yourself out? Great! This is what happens when you go with the unplanned sneak-outs. We all have been there and done that, so we definitely feel the pain of what you have to go through at such times. It would be an ideal situation, if you have given a spare key to a trusted neighbour or usually hide it under the mat. This would definitely be a life-saving scenario, but if not, then what to do? Don’t worry, because if you have been locked out of the house, due to whatever reason, you can try to get in with just a little bit of efforts. Your mind must be numb, or everything might sound unpractical to you, because obviously you will be freaking out. But, you just need to be a little vigilant and attentive to the details to get an entry into your own house once again. So, let’s put a stop to this mystery and find out some ways together, through which you can sort out an entry to your home once again. 

To start off, the best strategy to apply would be to find out if another member of the home has the key and they can come to help you with. If you live with a roommate, and he or she is out partying, maybe you can disturb them? If they can come home and let you in that would be great. Sure, it would be an inconvenience, but it wouldn’t be greater than the torture of standing outside your own home, stranded and clueless as to what to do now. If you have rented a house, you can try contacting your landlord, because he will have a copy of the house key. If he lives near your location, swinging by to help you out must not be a problem for him. Just ask for help from whomever you think would be aptly helpful for you at the moment. 

Another presence of mind that you can show is to check all of your windows, backdoor and secret entryways etc. to check if any of them is unlocked by chance. Of course, we know you would never intentionally leave a window unlocked, but what can we say? We all are humans, prone to make mistakes sometimes. So, on the off chance, an unlocked window will definitely solve your woes, because we know finding Adelaide Locksmith will just be another inconvenience. Simply remove the glass screen, life up your window and voila, you have a perfect entry to shimmy through. Be extremely careful, as if you are off-balance, you can not only break the furniture but do some damage to yourself too. The majority of the people commit this mistake of just jumping into the room without taking care of what they might jump on. You wouldn’t want to bear an unnecessary loss. 

Unfortunately, if you can’t seem to find help and the windows are locked as well, you need to find an alternate solution as well. If the dead bolt on the door is not in use, you can gain an easy entry to your home by removing the doorknob. The mounting screws and connection is concealed on most of the doorknobs, but if you look closely, you will see an extremely tiny pin-sized hole or slot. Use a thin piece of metal like a paper clip or a bobby pin, insert it into the tool and apply pressure. You will soon start to feel the resistance. Keep applying the pressure while pulling and twisting the door knob. When you have removed the door knob, pry off the decorative plate to reveal the lockset.  Now, pull back the locking mechanism and the door should unlock. Yes, we know this sounds like how a burglar would get in, but do you have any other option? Guess, no!  

In the end, when you have exhausted yourself off all the easy options, you have another and a reliable thing to do. Call a locksmith, and even if it is night, there are all-day-long mobile locksmiths to solve your problem. Just call around to get your problem solved.