Ecological and green thinking are becoming an increasing focus of the way people do things these days. In the previous century it was all about cost effective solutions that made the most money but as people have become more and more enlightened and switched on to the needs of the world, green and sustainable considerations have come increasingly to the fore. But what can be done to be more green? What changes can you make on an individual level? Here are a few simple solutions that you should look to implement so that you can make a difference. 

Solar Power 

When it was first put forward as a solution solar was seen as very expensive and unreliable. But that was a long time ago and solutions are now both very good and plentiful. Solar power installers Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas are many and skilled and with a bit of research you will be able to find the right solution for your specific needs. Depending on your budget and your short term and long term goals you could opt for something that just heats your hot water, you could look for a solution that stores power for the whole house in a battery or you could even go for the option of feeding electricity back into the grid. 

All of the above are viable options. Search online for electrician Kawana or whichever area it is that you live in and you will undoubtedly find a professional who can advise on and tailor a plan to suit your specific needs. 


We all know that houses and building are traditionally built with bricks and cement. Nothing much has changed there except for the composition of the actual bricks. The eco-brick is a very simple concept that solves multiple problems at the same time. In short empty plastic bottles are taken and crammed full with litter and single use plastics. Once they are chock-a-block full they are sealed and sent off to be used in the building of houses. They are great insulators, combined with cement and plaster they are very strong and durable and the end result is a cost-effective house, built out of waste materials. In short, instead of sending rubbish to land-fills, it is being hidden and used in plan-sight, above ground. What a win! 

Grey Water 

As much as single use plastics are a major issue, so too is single use water. Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource and it makes no sense for it to be used once only before heading back out to sea. Grey water is the term given to water that is re-used and there are plenty of companies supply systems that harvest this water easily. Grey water is shower or bath water or washing machine water that is still fine to use on the garden. Drains are plumbed to collect the water in tanks and the water is then pumped onto lawns or gardens or wherever it is needed, thus ensuring that you cut your utility bill, keep your garden looking great and lower the demand on water purification plants. Grey water can also be rerouted into toilet cisterns and used for flushing.