A beautiful garden is one of the best features of any house, something that is green, sprawling and which creates an atmosphere of calmness and serenity. A great garden can be a lot of hard work and the bigger the garden, naturally the more work is involved. But there are tricks to creating the perfect garden without needing an army of gardeners to help. Here are some subtle tricks and tips to help you create the garden of your dreams without committing yourself to every hour of spare time toiling away to create it. 

Plant trees 
According to an expert from Sydney Tree Solutions trees should be the mainstay of any garden. They are low maintenance, they provide shade and shelter, they make excellent features and they can be places for climbing and playing and for hours of fun. Trees also have deep and vast root systems, which means that once they are established and their roots have reached the water table, they don’t need constant watering. They will drop leaves as well which help with the creation of mulch and compost and with preserving the soil below them and making it easier for other plants to thrive. A well planned garden can mean that the trees which are planted, ideally indigenous, can also be bearers of fruit or berries, either for human consumption or for bringing birds to the garden. 

Use light well 
A well designed garden has a good blend of light and shade. Unless you are going for a complete forest feel you will want patches of light where flowers can thrive. If your garden has lots of trees you might need to engage the services of an outfit with the necessary equipment and expertise to cut back some branches safely. Go online and search for something like tree lopping Chatswood to find people in your area who can perform the required service. Remember, you are not chopping the tree down entirely, you are just taking off some limbs to create a bit more lights. 

Don’t be too controlling 
There is no need to impose your will entirely on the garden. It is important to know what you want and where you want it, but you can let your garden ramble a bit and grow where it wants. The whole idea of a perfectly manicured English garden with neatly trimmed edges and flower beds is quite archaic and a lot of hard work. Let your garden thrive on its own and the feeling of true wilderness and escape will come to the fore. 

Plant indigenous 
Plants and shrubs that belong in the area, grow best in the area, it is as simple as that. So do a it of research and get rid of the notion that you need to recreate the sort of garden that works well elsewhere. In other words, if you are not in England, don’t try to recreate an English country garden. Or if you are in England, don’t try to go to town with succulents and cacti. Plant what was meant to be there and you will quickly discover that you have to do much less work and that the plants that you do plant live longer and are more resilient to the conditions they experience on a daily basis.