If you were sick you would go and see a doctor if you wanted to get better. Maybe not for a minor cold, but certainly if it was serious you would want to be looked at by an expert, it pretty much goes without saying. And yet when we come to the time that we want to do serious building and renovations on our house – the single most valuable asset any of us are ever likely to own – so many people look to do it on the cheap without the help of the experts. It begs the question, if you don’t think twice about seeing a doctor when you are ill, why would you even consider not using an architect on your house? Here are some reasons why architects are so important.  

Make your dream house 

Creating your dream house is a complicated process. It is absolutely critical to ensure that the idea and vision that you have in your head is the one that is built by the builders. And getting it from your head into bricks and concrete happens via paper and the architect is the person who makes that happen.  Building plans Adelaide or Perth or Hobart all look the same and there are lots of people who can do them for you, but there are also countless examples of disappointed home owners whose vision has failed to align with their reality and they have ended up in houses a long way removed from what they expected. Do it right. 


Architects and designers work daily in the world of construction and design. As such they know who is good and who to speak to. They are as invested in the process as you are and unless you are happy to go with the lottery of searching for builders on the internet you will find that the best way to get the right builder is to do it through your architect. It goes without saying that a builder who is looking for regular work will want to impress the people who do building design Adelaide or wherever it is that they are based. 


As much as you know how you want your house to look, a designer might be able to add to it. The truth is that fashions and materials change over time and the input of an architect could do things like save you money on materials, improve the flow and feel, result in better more durable products being used and just generally enhance the experience and value of the dream that you are building. 


Plans are not just for the builders, they also need to be passed by the council or municipality and kept on record there. It can be a very frustrating and time consuming process, and once again architects are the experts here. They have walked this road many times, they know what is acceptable and passable and they know who to speak to. Getting your plans approved is much easier if the person walking them through the system is the person who has created them.