It’s a no-brainer that no wardrobe is complete without the classics – the evergreen little black dress, a fine leather jacket, the enduring pair of heels that complement every outfit and that simple white shirt with empyrean qualities. These precious items serve as a foundation over which you build the edifice of your own style and personality. The same is true for your jewellery box, which can rightly be termed the crown of the throne that is your wardrobe.  

Just like your wardrobe, your jewellery box essentials should be the manifestations of the same combination of class, simplicity and eternal style. For, jewellery is not a mere collection of random stones; it exudes the legacy of your own fashion statement. These pieces of ornaments can be and should be, worn every single day and must reflect that touch of extra shine and sparkle.

Therefore, it would be pertinent to explore which items should all jewellery boxes essentially have. We have taken up this task on our shoulders to help you carve your perfect collection of jewels. Let’s have a look at some of our carefully selected absolute essentials to serve you perennially for years, if not decades, to come: 

  1. Diamond heart necklace

In a bid to adorn your daily ensemble, you should always vouch for a diamond heart necklace that rests gently on your collarbone to accentuate the grace of your body’s natural shoulder and neck. A well-crafted and sparkling diamond necklace can be paired with ease with a low cut or high-necked blouse, sit beautifully with the lines of a dress or rest easily between the collars of a shirt. 

  1. Pearl Studs

A quintessential jewellery box staple that continues to rise above the requirements of modern fashion trends, pearl earrings are a sophisticated, classic foundation piece. While luminous pink and rich darker pearls have become en-vogue in recent years, it is very difficult to look past the lustre and versatility of beautiful silky white pearl studs. As one of the world’s premier natural gemstones, they can be mounted with diamonds or striking white, yellow gold to suit your personal style. They add a graceful statement to any outfit. 

  1. Beautiful gold 

Whether you prefer a chain style or solid piece, yellow gold remains a principal heirloom addition to your compendium of trinkets. Relishing the weight and luxury of gold is a pleasure, which never fades away. The versatility of a well-designed gold bracelet or necklace makes it the royal accessory to your boxes of jewellery and oozes an X-factor whenever flaunted on events and parties.  

  1. A classic watch 

A watch is a conventional yet ageless asset to the fashion cabinet that you own; it is also the ideal way to share your personal philosophy style with the outside world. A simple yet elegant watch face provides the foundation for you to select your preferred colour of leather watchband and metallic plating. Versatility is a must, but when you have found the perfect timepiece you’ll wonder how ordinary and incomplete you would have been without it

  1. Drop earrings

Ever-changing fashion flings can prove to be a veritable revolving door of cuts that can leave you annoyed and even clueless. One season you may fit a 10, other seasons a 12, and the same simple staples never seem to sit on your body as you remember. This is not so with classic jewellery. Jewellers have long perfected the lines and shapes which highlights your best features, irrespective of the trending style.  

A good example is how a nice pair of drop earrings always works. Once you get your hands on a perfect length pair, the way these earrings will fall against your neckline, and sit seamlessly regardless of your hairstyle will make them completely indispensable.

Your jewellery boxes and the essentials therein should always be the linchpin of your fashion statement. By virtue of investing in some timeless classics, you will surely be endowed with jewellery, which you can depend on in any season.  

After perfecting your choice in jewel collection, you would do well now to learn more about the boxes that contain these ornaments.