The architecture of a city speaks volume about it. Architecture isn’t just about buildings or how they are build or the material used to build them. It encompasses a whole lot of history, culture and as well as religion. Likewise, it did to Brisbane, the buildings and architecture of a city affected its inhabitants in more than one ways. The geometry and arrangement of these buildings have got lots of impact on the way people think and carry out their everyday works. It can influence their moods and engage their attention extensively. The same buildings, the same architecture now attracts tourist all around the year to have a pleasant time with a memento. Anyhow, these are the architectural wonders everyone in the world knows about and are in no need of introduction. We will look at some of the best buildings designed by architects in the heart of Queensland, Australia i.e. the city of Brisbane.  

111 George Street is a building on George Street in the Brisbane central business district, Australia which was completed in 1993. It is currently the 13th tallest building in the city and fully occupied by the Queensland State Government. With its repetitive grill pattern, it is sometimes referred to as the ’cheese grater’. It was designed by the architect Robin Gibson. It is 31 stories high. Officially named as the AMP Centre, the AMP Place is a golden-coloured skyscraper located in the heart of the Brisbane central business district in Queensland, Australia. It can be seen from most parts of the city and is known locally as ‘The Gold Tower’. When the skyscraper was completed in 1977, it was Brisbane’s tallest building. It consists of 35 floors. It was designed by PTW Architects. 

Located on the bank of the Brisbane River is QAGOMA, a two-site gallery comprising Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). QAGOMA showcases the art of Australia, Asia, and the Pacific and with a collection of more than 17,000 artworks. It was designed by John Norman, Lindsay Clare, Kerry Clare and James Jones.  Its design essence is an open, generous and democratic ‘urban pavilion’, which encourages people to approach and engage with it in various ways. The former Queensland Government Treasury Building is a heritage-listed public administration building located at 21 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is built according to the architecture style of Renaissance Revival architecture. It is an ancient building opened for operations in 1930. It was designed by Thomas Pye. 

Infinity Tower is Brisbane’s tallest residential tower, with 81 levels of contemporary living and 549 meticulously designed apartments. It is a 249-meter high skyscraper. 

Infinity Tower, designed by DBI Design, is the only Australian skyscraper to feature on the annual top ten skyscrapers list compiled by Emporis for their 2014 Skyscraper Awards. 

The Cathedral of St Stephen is the heritage-listed cathedral church and serves as the mother parish of the Archdiocese of Brisbane and seat of its archbishop. Its architectural style is Gothic Revival. It was consecrated‎ in the year 1989. The architect of the cathedral was Benjamin Backhouse. Backhouse’s original design was changed and downsized at numerous occasions over the course of the building of the cathedral, mainly because of economic reasons. 

Built between 1920 and 1930, the heritage-listed City Hall is seen as the heart of Brisbane and has been the backdrop to many cultural, social and civic events for more than 80 years.Brisbane City Hall is one of Queensland’s most significant heritage and cultural icons. It was opened in 1930, and since has become a symbol of civility and grandeur. Its architectural style‎ is Italian Renaissance. It was designed by the renowned architecture firm Hall & Prentice. It is a clock tower as well as a museum. 

After a deep analysis of Brisbane architecture, we come to the point that Brisbane has a rich culture left by the ancestors which are depicted through every street, road, and building. It also shows that how people were civilized and interested in every aspect of life from religious obligatory to civility. The Brisbane had the best architectural designs and details at that time when the world was not even aware of this word.