A fence is basically a structure which encloses a specific area mainly outdoors. A fence differs from walls and do not have a solid boundary along its length. So, in simple words security fencing Perth is not typical home fencing it involves school, industrial and business premises to protect them from invasion. The concept of fencing around home, school, colleges, gardens, stadium, farm and many more, has been adapted since ages ago.  

Buildings around which security Wall is needed to be installed 

The buildings having threats of invasion and the property having some sort of sensitive information needs to install security fencing to ensure protection. Such as: 

  • Schools  
  • Colleges 
  • Universities  
  • Industries 
  • Courts 
  • Factories  
  • Farms  
  • Gardens 
  • Yard 
  • Stadium  
  • Sports ground etc. 

What material should be used for a security fence? 

A fence can be composed of different kind of materials in which most commonly used are  

  • Wood 
  • Metal 
  • Vinyl 
  • Bamboo 
  • Plastic  
  • Metal rails 
  • Wrought Iron  
  • Hardware cloth 
  • Aluminium  
  • Metal wires 

Types of security Wall  

If you the need to demarcate your property with an intruder proof barrier there are several types common of security fencing: 

Palisade Fencing  

Palisade steel fencing is made of cold rolled steel rails which are attached to horizontal running rails connected to vertical steel joists. Due it’s cost effectiveness it is most commonly used. 

Mesh fencing 

It’s basically network of wire strands welded together to high strength barrier of defense. It us used where visibility is desirable or necessary.  

Aluminum fencing 

Aluminum fencing is light durable yet generally strong and durable. It is resistant to rust and it is easy to install. Aluminium fencing Perth works well on the property with slopped land.  

Perimeter fencing 

Perimeter fence is a circular structure that covers perimeter of area to prevent access. These are frequently made up of metal bars which are connected with horizontal metal bar and often contains spikes or barbed wire on the top to prevent climbing. 

Metal hoarding 

It is suitable way if you want to  protect a site for a long time. However initial investment is great but it goes in a long run. It can be painted or customized for additional security measures. 

High security fencing  

High security fencing comes in form of metallic mesh with pointed spikes to prevent the entry of intruders  

Chain linked fencing  

Chain linked fencing is very flexible yet durable and can be used to define boundaries and to provide security to schools and courts. It can be galvanized or plastic coated in green or black.  

Wooden Fencing 

Wooden fencing is in of the popular type of fencing. It not only provides sense of security but also enhance the beauty and allure of the area. 

Bamboo fencing 

Bamboo fencing is becoming trendy nowadays. As it can be grown naturally providing environment friendly and attractive environment. There are three different styles to use bamboo fir fencing: live bamboo, bamboo cane and rolled bamboo. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane provide more durability than live bamboo.  

Vinyl Fencing 

Vinyl fencing is elite when it comes to any other category. It is five times flexible and four times stronger than wooden fences. It is low maintenance and resists paint allowing to clean stains easily. Vinyl fencing has high upfront cost but it’s low maintenance and high life span makes it desirable. 

PVC fencing  

One of cheapest way to fence yard is to use PVC fencing as it replaces wooden stacks and metal bars. It is very resistant material and can last for years. 

Electric Fencing 

Electric fencing aims to prevent dog entry in specified field. It mainly consists of invisible fence A wireless transmitter is always set aside to activate electric waves. A battery powdered collar is also present which receive signals. When a animal gets near to boundary it warns with the sound pitched accordingly animal’s hearing and if animal try to cross boundary it delivers a shock.  

Why it is mandatory to install security fencing? 

  • Every living organism needs security in the area they dwell. To ensure the protection and security of property installation of security fence is necessary.   
  • Privacy is one of the main concerns which people consider. The instalment of security fence will drastically reduce privacy issues. 
  • Security fencing can also help to mark boundary around property to highlight its starting and ending points.