The plumbing industry in Australia comprises of numerous contractors that provide general or emergency plumbing and drainage services. These services include gas repairs, installing or repairing water supply, septic tanks, sewer lines, and gas and drainage systems.   If you are like most people, you are likely to mix up the following two terms: plumbing and drainage. You must be wondering, “Wait, what? Is there any difference between the two?” News Flash: Indeed there is!  

Plumbing is basically the blessing in disguise that is responsible for bringing clean water into your homes. Whether you get crystal clear water when you turn the faucet on or in you are out of luck and get some brown sludge that is your plumbing.  Whereas, anything and everything that takes dirty water away from your home is your drainage system. So, the next time your toilet threatens to flood your entire washroom that is your drainage system needing to be fixed! That being said, the next time the drain in your kitchen or washroom gets clogged or is backing up, you should probably call up the drainage services and when something is too cold or hot, you need to get in touch with a plumber Capalaba 

Now that we have established the significance of plumbing and drainage, let’s shift our focus to the saviours who provide us reliable and emergency plumbing services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As the construction industry in Australia continues to grow at a fast pace, the country is starting to feel the negative repercussions of a lack of supply of local skilled plumbers. Let’s face it; if you spend a million bucks on an apartment with the most stupendous views but the drainage system is a little shaky, your money and efforts are most likely to go down the drain, pun intended. In order to stimulate an inflow of plumbers from UK and Ireland to bridge the shortage in the labour market, the Australian Visa Bureau has introduced two visa options for Irish and UK nationals: Skilled Migration and Working Holiday Visas. 

The Skilled Migration Programme is designed in such a way that it allows workers skilled in plumbing, along with their families, to migrate to Australia. Whereas, the Working Holiday Visa Programme allows people falling within the age bracket of 18-30 years to work, travel and live in Australia for a maximum of 24 months. Those interested can apply for the above mentioned visas by completing an online assessment and filling in the application form respectively. The Australian Skilled Visa can be divided further into 8 sub-categories: 

Independent Visa 

Nominated Visa 

Nominated (provisional) Visa 

Sponsored Provisional Visa 

Regional Visa 

Employer Nomination Visa 

Regional Skilled Migration Scheme 

Labour Agreements 

On the other hand, the Australian Working Holiday Visa provides casual working rights to the visa holders in order to supplement their travels. However, the visa holders are not allowed to work for than six months with the same employer. The basic requirements for the acquisition of the visa are simple and can be viewed online on the Australian Visa Bureau website.   

The schemes put forth by the Visa Bureau are likely to encourage an influx of labour from the UK and Ireland, balancing out the shortfall in the supply of plumbers. Residents of the United States are not eligible for the Australian Working Holidays Visa; however, they can apply for the Australian Work and Holiday Visa in its stead. It is very similar to the former in many ways but is open to numerous other countries. So if you or somebody you know is confused about which travel visa suits you best for your trip to Australia, use the fast and easy online travel visa finder run by the Bureau and support the Australian plumbing industry.