A service to keep your offices and other parts of the premises can be hard to find these days, particularly among all the options on offer around the country and indeed the world. A quick search, no doubt, will bombard you with options and might force you to just be overwhelmed and give up on the search entirely. Don’t do this, though, as there are ways forward that will keep you smiling and make for a cleaner working environment for you and your bosses and other colleagues. You just have to take a bit of time to plot the way forward for you and all others concerned in the process. 

Dig deep 

Don’t just go for the first thing you see. Consider your budget and consider what options are available within the framework you are working within. If you have X amount to spend, you can’t go ahead and enquire with a company that is charging Y. That said, they might be willing to negotiate and then you can come up with options that are the right fit. For instance, you might not want the windows clean but you might have extra carpets or rugs that need frequent dusting. Or you might have longer railings that need wiping down and can instead ask for that rather than smaller floors that don’t need mopping. It’s really up to you to plan accordingly and then communicate as much. See what arrangement you can come up with together and take it from there for your office cleaning Southbank needs. 

Don’t mess around 

If you are not being obliged in the way that you need to be, then move onto the next option. There are plenty of willing and able levels of service ready to jump at the opportunity to serve you. You need to demand the best experience and insist on the most competitive prices in this day and age. Yes, you will have to meet them half way on most occasions, but they must of course be happy to come as far as you. 

Deposits and other payment arrangements 

Be sure to scrutinise their payment structures and what sort of up-front cash and after-service money you are going to have to pay. Perhaps they will want it all at the start or maybe they will need it all at the end. Whatever the circumstance or scenario, make it your responsibility to find out rather than waiting on them to tell you. 

Insist on paperwork 

Make sure that contracts, written not verbal, are put in place. You, for instance, don’t want to be held liable for brooms or vacuum cleaners that are broken on your premises if one or more of your staff had nothing to do with this. So, this is the type of thing you need written down via a clause or a main point within the contract. Their might be a generic one in place, but it is wise to customise such elements specific to your situation and building. This will help you out a lot.