Construction works pays well in Australia and there is no shortage of positions available. You may feel tempted to apply but know beforehand that it takes certain qualifications, skills and possible experience too in order to succeed.

Supervision skills

As a finishes foreman, you will mainly be coordinating the sub-contractors and watch over the project schedule. What employers look for is a rather complex personality though, with many traits that pertain to site management. As a rule of thumb, you need to be able to look for the full construction process. Your experience should allow you to take both commercial and residential projects of any scope. Moreover, you will need to prove that you can watch an entire project, from its zero level and all the way to the finishes. Be supportive and also play well in a team, although this is not always essential, as most companies will expect you to be autonomous.

Advanced qualifications

As a Finish Foreman, you will be assisting the Project Team, along with the Site Manager. A trade background is very important, as some constructors highlight. You will have to focus on tertiary qualification in the constructions field but you will benefit more from level IV certificates and especially on the Diploma of Building and Construction and have experience with every stage a project goes through. Your job will be to supervise and check anything from equipment, workmanship etc. to the subcontractors involved in the project. This will call for a bit of knowledge of economic matters too, so that you can help minimise the costs on-site. Do not worry about the qualifications, it is now easier to obtain these since you can opt for Skills Certified Australia and their mixture of online and offline courses.

Knowledge of structures

Structure knowledge is essential to this job, although judging by the title you could be led to believe that it’s all only about the final touch. It isn’t so – you will often be involved in the steps before that stage, concerning the structure of the building or project.

Other skills

What does your resume say about you? Are you the kind of personality who could handle the job and ring value? Australian builders value candidates with an eye for detail, not just those who see the big picture. One also needs to be able to push a program and have the ability to solve problems that may arise. Additionally, it is important to have a certain level of autonomy, so that you can take action by yourself and make your own decisions as needed. Be a proactive person, with a hands-on approach.

Once you get hired as a finishes foreman, you will have a major role in ensuring repeated business for the builder. From this position, if work is successful, you may progress to Site Manager directly. As you’ve just seen throughout this article, the job calls for abilities of a more holistic kind, therefore it may not be as simple as you envisioned it to be. If you have the experience required and hold the skills mentioned above, you can certainly secure a job as finish foreman in Australia, working on one of the country’s numerous and often exciting new projects, in a variety of industries.