Whether you’re renting or a homeowner, landing a property right near the beachfront can be a wonderful move for many people. There are plenty of perks, from the unlimited beach side walks to the stunning sunsets and endless surfing opportunities. However, what many people who live far from the seaside don’t realise is the potential downsides that can come with this particular property location. There are maintenance issues and general lifestyle difficulties that can come with such a seemingly idyllic property.

Here are some strategies for dealing with them so you can enjoy the view and your picturesque new life.

  1. Learn to clean the windows well. One of the first things most new beach side homeowners notice when they move in is just how difficult it can be to keep a clear view of the ocean through their glass windows. That sea breeze that feels so great when you’re sunbathing can be a little more irritating when it’s carrying sand and dust particles over to your windows every day. The presence of so much sand and increased wind means that your windows are likely to get dirty far more quickly than properties in other locations, and the salt can be more difficult to scrub away than standard grime. Investing in high-quality, expert window cleaning equipment will make the job far quicker and easier when you do need to do a thorough clean, and ensure that you always have a clear view of that gorgeous ocean.
  2. Do away with sun damage. The UV rays that keep your tan glowing can be less pleasant when it comes to your patio furniture and anything you’d like to keep outdoors. The bright sunlight that naturally comes with living very close to the seaside can do plenty of damage to anything you leave outside. This may mean opting for furnishings that are lighter in colour – dark shades tend to expose the telltale signs of sun damage quickly. There are also products you can buy that act like sunscreen for your patio – spray them strategically to make sure your treasured possessions don’t fade away before winter.
  3. You lament the arrival of tourist season. With any beach side location comes an inevitable influx of tourists at certain times of year. While these busy seasons are great for your local economy, it can be irritating to have your favourite spots suddenly become crowded, and your beloved beach increasingly littered with polluting mess. Do your bit to keep your neighbourhood in good condition and your local environment clean and healthy by joining a neighbourhood beach clean-up team to make sure that the beach stays neat and tidy without presenting any danger to the ocean or its wildlife.
  4. Be aware of damp. The primary danger to your household maintenance and health when it comes to living near the beach will be the damp that can seep into your walls and infiltrate your home. Many seaside properties suffer from mildew, potentially dangerous black mould, and other problems rooted in excess moisture because their owners haven’t invested enough care in keeping the home dry. Make sure your property doesn’t become a victim of mould by staying on top of plumbing maintenance, not allowing any plumbing-based problems to spiral out of control, and keeping the home well-ventilated at all times.