There is nothing worse than feeling insecure or vulnerable when you are in your house. Your home is your safe place, your sanctuary from the world and the place where you go to recharge your batteries and be at peace with the world. If, for some reason, you don’t feel safe there, then you need to take some action to ensure peace-of-mind is restored. This is particularly true after break-ins or upsetting events that have left you feeling exposed or violated. But it is not always easy to do and sometimes it feels like you are barricading yourself into a prison in order to keep fear out. That’s not the way to go! Here are some tips to help you feel safe and secure while at the same time not turning your house into a prison. 

Good security is important 

It’s important to speak to an expert who installs proper home alarm systems Melbourne, Sydney and other major urban centres will have plenty of these people. They can advise on the best set-up for your needs, but we would strongly suggest motion sensing perimeter beams. Old school alarms are activated when people break into your house. Which is great; but also too late. Once somebody has broken a window or set-foot inside the house then they might be tempted to keep coming. If the alarm is going off before they have even negotiated an entry, logic dictates that they will probably leave rather than hanging around and waiting for the police to show up. 

Low walls 

Contrary to popular belief a low wall is the way to go. High walls are part of the whole prison mentality thing, hard to escape over and they create a false sense of security. What they also do is provide cover for bad people once they are on the inside. In short, if a burglar manages to get inside the walls he can act with impunity with no fear of being spotted by passers-by on the street. 

Plants can be your friends 

Look at your property and assess what are the weak points, the areas that are most susceptible to breaking and entering. Then see if you can make those areas less friendly by planting things like roses or bougainvillea which are hardy and covered in thorns. In looking to break a window or scale a wall, natural barriers like these thorn-laden plants are very good deterrents. You must remember that most burglars are not targeting your house specifically they are just looking to break in somewhere that offers high reward for minimal fuss. As long as your house looks less appealing than the neighbours then you are winning. 


Obviously dogs are great deterrents to burglars and such like. But there are plenty of other options. Geese and pigs are both good at making noises and alerting the home owners to potential presence of ne’er-do-gooders. But even if this seems too odd, just ensure that you create the illusion of danger. A sign that warns, beware of the Snake or the dog or whatever animal you chose will immediately get potential baddies thinking twice. A dog can be pacified, a snake can we eluded, but frankly, it’s much easier breaking in down the road where they have cats and no apparent threat from aggressive or dangerous animals.