Bathroom renovations are done for a variety of reasons, including improvements in terms of storage space, energy utilization and growing the aesthetic appeal, as well as increasing the overall resale value of the house. Expansions in the family also provide excellent reasons for such renovations to take place, as a significant number of household accidents happen in the bathroom and safety concerns are thus extremely important to consider when young children are introduced and present. With this is mind, all renovations are not equal, with some, such as ones concerning structural repairs as well as plumbing repairs and improvements, being more expensive and time-consuming than renovations made, for example, the sole purpose of making the bathroom look more alluring. 

Renovation Costs 

There are a number of different factors that determine just how much one is expected to pay when renovating their bathroom. Since a fully functional contemporary bathroom is comprised of numerous appliances and utilities, such as faucets, toilets, baths and showers (and the plumbing essential for their usage) as well as other factors like the lighting, wall and floor tiles, cabinets and mirrors, there is enormous variability in terms of costs. Thus, most modern renovations can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $25,000 depending on the size of the bathroom and the nature of the changes and repairs made, as well as the quality of the materials used. In 2015, the Housing Industry Association in the United States found the average cost of a full-scale bathroom renovation to be approximately $17,000, but there major differences between similar projects due to geographical locations and the choices made regarding which renovators to employ. 

Renovation Timeframes 

When considering investments as considerable as bathroom renovations Adelaide, it is important to consider factors other than costs, with the most pressing being how long the renovations will actually take. There are two separate timeframes to consider when renovating: the labor time and the planning/ design time. The former is considerably less than the latter: most timeframes involving the renovations actually being installed are somewhere in the 1-3 week range, while the process of researching and designing the renovations can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. However, like the cost evaluation, there are a number of factors that can influence and increase these timeframes, most likely due to time-consuming operations such as ones involving structural, plumbing and tile renovations as well as unexpected problems that require changes in design and planning. Thus, it will prove to be useful to have some flexibility when considering overall timeframes. 

Who to Hire For a Renovation 

There exist potential hires in various industries that can prove to be useful in renovating one’s bathroom; for a highly professional project, individual professionals can be hired who work on separate sections, but it is beneficial for most projects to go through what is known as a bathroom builder, i.e. an organization that can handle all the distinct processes and different trades under a single institution. If not, everyone from plumbers to electricians to painters (depending on the nature of the renovations) would have to be independently hired, a decision that would offer more personalization, but at increased costs and a less streamlined overall operation.