Going all the way solar is a great way to eliminate expensive electricity bills and also become less dependent on the grid. As more and more Australians are interested in buying PV panels, the number of companies selling these products have mushroomed in the country. Needless to say, not every company is as great as the marketing material indicate. Here are several common mistakes to avoid when choosing a PV installer:  

Not Looking for an Accredited Seller  

All of Australia’s reputed solar providers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Most consumers are familiar that the CEC accredited various clean energy systems. The council also accredits clean energy providers, especially PV panel installers. Having CEC accreditation means the PV panel provider meets important standards. Also, if you want a small scale tech certificate later, then you need to install panels with CEC accreditation. CEC also maintains a code of conduct that providers can voluntarily adhere to. Generally speaking, you can get better products from solar panel installation Castle Hill like Beyond Solar with this level of accreditation. Therefore, do look for accreditation when searching for options online.  

Not Thinking about Communication 

When looking for a PV panel installer, the first thing in your mind would be about how great the product is. You might not take other factors into consideration, such as how easy it is communicate with the seller. That is something you could definitely come to regret. Consumers have a lot of things to talk about with retailers when it comes to products like PV panels. The installation could take weeks as well. Therefore, you will need an installer you can easily communicate with and responds to your feedback. Otherwise, you will end up getting stuck with an installer you can’t communicate with.  

Not Considering Customer Support 

How easily can you reach the PV panel installation company? Do they respond to emails quickly or does the retailer offer live chat support. Following the panel installation, you should give it at least a year for the panels to fully get to work. This means that the panels would run into technical issues early on. Therefore, it’s best if there’s a top-notch customer support team that comes with the PV panel installer.  

Not Reading the Fine Print on the Warranty 

What exactly does it say on the warranty about installer guarantees? Are the PV panels you purchase come with manufacturer’s warranties? This means that if something goes wrong, the manufacturer of the brand would have to replace the products. As the only the manufacturer is technically capable of doing this, seller’s warranties don’t mean much. Therefore, always read the fine print on those charming 10-year warranties you get. Make sure the warranty indeed comes from the manufacturer.  

Not Checking the Website 

It’s really mandatory these days to check out the website of the installer before you buy from them. The website can giveaway certain clues as to what type of installer you are looking at. Is the website very informative and openly displays rates? Then you are looking at a good retailer. If not, then you might not want to be too enthusiastic about buying from the retailer. Check the website for details of the installer that you don’t see on marketing material.  

When you make hefty investments in solar energy, make sure the installer choice you make is free of the above errors.