A human generally spends 1/3rd of its life in the bed and bed carries an immense role in keeping that substantial part of our life at comfort. So it’s worth investing in its quality and look. A good bed sheet design is not only a sure way to uplift the look of your bedroom but also to help you at sleeping tight and conveniently.  

There are various types of bed sheets available to choose from as it all depends upon the type of material you want, the aesthetics involved in it and the craftsmanship, to name a few. The linen bed sheets though are quite famous among the Aussies due to their luxury touch and long-lasting usability. Their quality also improves with the passage of time in spite of them having a premium look and high craftsmanship.  

There are certain ways which could help you in choosing the right bed sheets for your room, few important ones of them are given below: 


The material is the most important decisive factor in choosing the sheet sets Australia for your bed. The most common materials are Silk which is soft and lustrous, retain the moisture and is great for the skin & hair. Linen is summer friendly, perfect for hot weather and climate, get more soften over time and is breathable. Cotton is a popular choice due to its softness and durability factors, it comes in various grades varying in terms of feel and quality in Australia. Nowadays, bamboo has also been mixed up with other material for bed sheets and has been gaining popularity among Aussies as it is antimicrobial, wicks away moisture and is sustainable. So it is really up to you that what kind of material you would like to opt out for. 


The weave of the bed sheet set carries a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of its quality. Some people prefer to go with Sateen weave which gives the soft, silky and lustrous touch to a cotton while others for plain matte weave which gives a cool and crisp look to the sheet.  


There exist a general perception that the more thread count a sheet has the higher its quality would be. Every sheet has a varying amount of thread counts so before buying it is best to touch and feel the bed sheet in Australia. At times, manufacturers increase the thread count while compromise on the quality of cotton and the weave which ends up into manufacturing a low-grade product. Do not fall into such a fluctuating quality trap and be very satisfied before buying one.


All the great bed linens have impeccable craftsmanship. Every inch of the sheet is stitched flawlessly to enhance the overall look of your bedroom and the room itself. Nowadays bed sheets come with elastic and side pockets to accommodate the thickness of the bed and to be snug fit. Luxor Linen in Australia has been offering various types of sheet sets to choose from, by considering all the important aspects of a quality set in general and craftsmanship in particular. It all depends on your budget and the amount you are willing to spend on a piece of cloth.

Down Inserts

Down inserts should be considered while choosing the sheet set for your bed. Waterfowl down insert works as an insulator while keeping you warm and keeping you away from overheating. They also tend to be lightweight. So getting a bed sheet along with a down insert is a good move especially for those living in Australia.


The choice of colour plays a key role in determining the aesthetics of the bed sheet ensemble. There are many colour choices, patterns, and textures available to choose from. You should consider those options which would not only enhance the overall look of the room but would be also in sync. With the symmetry of it.


Last but not the least, never compromise on the quality of your sheet sets in Australia as they have to stand a test of time due to local climatic conditions.

Rest assured, if you are sure about the quality of the material being used and the expert craftsmanship; then, quality would be automatically great. There exists a correlation among the three factors. Luxor Linen vouches you over the quality of its bedding and hence is considered a safe option to purchase bed sheets from in Australia.