Landlords generally fall into one of two categories – they want to rent their house out quickly or they want to wait a while and find the perfect tenant who won’t give them any problems (hopefully!). If you’re part of the former and you want to rent your home out to a tenant as soon as possible, here are some tips to help you speed up the process.

Furnish the house properly

Most people want to move into a property that is already furnished, so if it’s unfurnished or there is work, which needs doing on it, you should probably sort that out as soon as possible. People will come to view the house, but if they are looking to move in very soon, even small maintenance issues will put them off.

Add all the extras

As well as the main pieces of furniture, such as white goods in the kitchen and a sofa in the living room, don’t forget about the little things that make a difference, such as a Scandinavian bedside table and a kettle and toaster. If people feel that they can move straight into a house without having to go  shopping for furniture at Nordik Living, you’ll get the house let much quicker.

Be open to students

Depending on the area that you’re trying to rent your property in, you might need to be open to students renting the house if you want to get tenants in quickly. You don’t have to be completely relaxed about this though – you could offer it to mature students only if you don’t want first-year undergraduates renting your home.

Get the price right

You might have to go slightly lower than the rental value of your home if you want to let the property quickly, particularly if you’ve put it on the market during a time when it is very quiet, such as over Christmas time.

Find a good estate agent to market the house

The wrong estate agent can be detrimental to the letting of your property. They might not do enough viewings on the house, or maybe they’re not getting the offers through properly to you. Read reviews to find the best estate agent in your area to go with, even if they charge a little extra than the others.

Conduct viewings yourself

Since most estate agents are only open during working hours in the day, this puts a limit on how many people can actually view the property. Lots of people work during the opening hours of estate agents’ offices, which means they won’t get the chance to view. If you have the time, offer to conduct some evenings viewings yourself.

Advertise it everywhere

Even if the estate agent is advertising it for you, there’s no harm in advertising it yourself too. If anybody contacts you and they are interested, you can redirect them to your estate agent so they can apply to rent the property through all the formal channels.