Australia is still largely dependent on non-clean types of energy. As of right now, about 75 percent of the overall energy produced in the country comes from coal. Renewable energy consumption amounts to only about 5 percent, including solar, hydro, wind, and biomass. However, the sector is rapidly growing. More and more regular Australians are interested in switching to green energy and reduce emissions. Here are several fun facts about the renewable energy sector in Australia you may not know:  

The Most Widely Used Type of Renewable Energy is… 

Hydroelectric power! The vast majority of renewable energy generated in Australia comes from moving water. There are over 100 hydroelectric power plants scattered throughout the country.  

Rural Telephone Boxes are Powered by Photovoltaic Energy  

If you venture into rural areas outside big cities, you may have seen that phone boxes have shiny tops to them. That’s because many parts of Western Australia, phone boxes are powered by solar panels Perth. It saves thousands of dollars for rural town councils and created new jobs.  

Photovoltaic Hot Water is Bubbling to the Top 

In the past 5 years, hot water generated by solar PV energy has almost tripled in Australia. Photovoltaic electricity, in general, is on the rise, despite most government funding going to large-scale hydroelectric projects like the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme.  

Even Manufacturing PV Cells is Green 

Fossil fuels are not bad for the environment only when they are burned in cars. The extraction of fossil fuels causes significant environmental harm. In comparison, manufacture of PV cells products 90 percent fewer pollutants than fossil fuel. Not only that, renewable energy using sunlight creates hundreds of jobs in education, research, development, and installation. For every 10 megawatts of PV energy products, up to 400 jobs are created.  

Wind Energy is Saving Millions of Tonnes of CO2 Emissions  

Wind energy amounts to only a fraction of energy consumption in Australia, but in 2009 alone, wind power saved over 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere! To put that in perspective, that’s roughly the same as removing about a million cars off the roads. Imagine how much more emissions could be reduced with widespread adaption of wind energy.  

China is Surpassing Australia in Wind Power Electricity  

Did you know that China’s wind power capacity is similar to the all of the electricity produced in Australia? That’s not just renewable energy; China’s windmills produce more energy than what Australia makes with fossil fuel. China is hoping to increase wind energy generation up to a colossal 1,000 gigawatts by 2050. In comparison, Australia’s current energy production is about 51 gigawatts. It certainly debunks the idea that large-scale wind power generation is not possible.  

Large-Scale Production of Biofuel Energy is Looking Very Positive 

Biofuels contribute only a minority stake in Australia’s renewable energy output. Overall, the current biofuel energy production matches less than 1 percent of fossil fuel energy output. But biofuel producers are scaling up production capacity in a big way. For example, Manildra Group has upped to production capacity to 300 million litres of biofuel per year.  

Did you know any of the above facts about Australia’s renewable energy sector? At the moment, most producers are gearing up for large-scale renewable energy output. It’s very much possible, as the China example shows.