Of all the rooms in our homes, the bedroom is arguably the most important. It is the room we spend the most time in but most of us largely see it as only a room for sleeping. So, when redecorating our homes or moving to a new place, all our funds and energies are spent making sure that the rest of the house looks its best and the bedroom often goes neglected. This can be a huge mistake because, if decorated and furnished just right, our bedrooms are the ultimate spots for us to relax and unwind from the everyday routine. A comfortable and aesthetically decorated bedroom can be our own personal escape from the world; somewhere we can go to not just sleep, but also to merely cast off our inhibitions. Therefore, a great thought is required when setting up our bedroom as it not only ensures we get a good, comfortable night’s sleep, letting us wake up re-energized and ready to take on the world but also is our personal space.  The biggest and most important thing in any bedroom is of course, the bed. With all the varying sizes out there, we’re here to help you decide why a queen sized bed can be your perfect option.  

  1. Picking out a bed frame that is not only aesthetic and fits in with the theme of your home, but also doesn’t make too much of a dent in our pockets can be a hassle. Often times the bed frames that we may be more inclined towards can be way out of our budget. King sized beds, in particular, can always cost us a hefty penny. We might also think that bed frames which are high quality and stylishly designed may be out of our budget, but Factory buys can bring to you cheap queen bed frames of the best quality and in any style that you may wish for. Queen sized bed frames are often cheaper than their bigger counterparts, the king sized bed frames and are still large enough to make sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep, without feeling constricted.
  2. Unless our rooms are very very large, king sized beds can often be more of a hassle than a comfort. With their extremely large size, king sized beds may take up all the space in our room, and leave little space for us to add any more furniture, or even to move around. Furthermore, the king sized bed can really be too large for the average couple. On the other hand, a queen sized bed can be the perfect size to sleep in without ever feeling constricted, and is also not too big to throw off the whole balance of the room. With cheap queen bed frames, you can have the luxury to add whatever else you want to your room to really personalise it without having an imposing bed frame taking up all the space.
  3. At Factory Buys you can find all sorts of cheap queen bed frames for your perfect bedroom. Be it a headboard that you need, to provide you with extra cushioning as you lean back and relax, a rustic themed bed frame to get in touch with nature as you sleep, or a bed with extra storage options, Factory Buys has it all covered! In their vast catalogue you can find all sorts of cheap queen bed frames ranging from gas lift, to beds with headboards, leather beds for added sophistication, or low beds, you can find everything at Factory Buys! Therefore, in the very comfort of your home, you can order your dream bed, without the hassle of travelling and viewing different beds.

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